What I’ve Accomplished
& Where I’ll Take Us

Committed to ensuring East Grand Rapids is “A Better Place to Live.”



  • Using data analysis & planning, EGR instituted an infrastructure improvement process that was called the best in the state by the governor

  • Used innovation to update water & sewer lines to keep them in good repair at a fraction of the cost of full replacement

  • Passed a street millage that has allowed EGR to repair more than 50% of the roads in the last 4 years

  • Added sidewalks where there were none and paved roads that were previously unpaved

  • Created accurate inventory of condition of water and sewer pipes through film documentation

In the Works

  • Continue road and sidewalk improvements

  • Continue to create new sidewalks where there currently are none

  • Make additional sewer and water pipe upgrades

  • Keep EGR's fire hydrant replacement program on target



Partnered with schools to reduce costs and maintained effective use of tax dollars

  • City of EGR financed the Middle School Sports program when the school district could no longer fund and were set to eliminate

  • City of EGR provided a School Liaison Officer, crossing guards, and special events staffing at city expense

  • Worked continuously with schools to keep jointly-used facilities in good working order and updated appropriately:

    • Completed inspection and plan for all playground equipment in 2018

    • Resurfaced courts at Canepa Tennis Complex and repaired tennis courts at Wealthy, Lakeside, Breton, and Manhattan

    • Replaced artificial turf at both Mehney and Memorial Fields

    • Provided maintenance and improvement of athletic fields

in the works

  • Look for additional opportunities to create safer street crossing for students and expand the use of crossing guards

  • Continue to partner with schools for best facilities and cost savings

Public Safety


  • Provided training for all Public Safety Officers in implicit bias, cultural diversity, assisting persons with mental illness, and on appropriate response for use of force

  • Achieved traffic and pedestrian studies and implemented recommendations to improve crosswalk safety

  • Continuously rated one of the safest communities in the state

  • Created videos for use on website and at schools, demonstrating proper safety precautions for bicycle and pedestrian safety

  • Installed new team shelters at Mehney Field

In the Works

  • Enhance emergency notifications

  • Consider body cameras for Public Safety Officers

  • Continue to ensure the Public Safety Department has the training and the funding it needs to continue to make sure EGR is a safe community.

Gaslight Village


  • Worked with the Business Association to achieve a 95% commercial occupancy rate for the last 5+ years

  • Provided landscaping, snow melting system, and streetscape

  • Implemented communication and marketing services for the Gaslight Village Business Association

  • Created new way-finding signs (installation in Fall 2019)


  • Continue to work through Master Plan

    • Gaslight Village implications

  • Consider smaller lot sizes and increase multi-family zoning

  • Implement parking management solutions

  • Explore additional mixed-use development

  • Consider "pop-up" activities

  • Enhance entrance at the west end of Gaslight Village

  • Work with property owners and developers on new projects



  • Refinanced City bond for the municipal center to save more than $1.35 million over the life of the bond ($87,000/year)

  • Implemented a balanced budget each year since becoming Mayor in 2011

  • Administered our budget while ensuring the City has properly funded our legacy costs

  • Collaborated with Kent County to get better pricing on our road projects, saving thousands of dollars every year


  • Continue to manage pension legacy costs

  • Participate in union contract negotiations

  • Continue to deliver and incorporate balanced budgets

  • Continue good stewardship of tax dollars



  • Funded and built a new bridge by the channel to allow continuous access to Reeds Lake Trail

  • Continuous monitoring and action to keep Reeds Lake healthy and reduce invasive species

  • Completed City tree inventory and implemented the recommended practices to maintain our urban forest

  • Installed storm sewer separators to reduce the contaminants that get into Reeds & Fisk Lakes

  • Installed an additional kayak launch on Reeds Lake that is accessible to people with disabilities

in the works

  • Develop additional park bike/walking trails

  • Create a splash pad at Manhattan Park

  • Expand recycling opportunities

  • Raise private and public funding for Waterfront Park Phase II

  • Increase square footage of wetlands while maintaining health of our lakes

  • Use technology to engage residents in a project to help keep catch basins clear. (Program is piloting currently in Grand Rapids.)



  • Updated entire City website for better access and navigation

  • Completed City Master Plan on time and began immediate implementation with approval of full City Commission and Planning Commission

in the works

  • Determine if single-source trash hauler would be advantageous

  • Continue work on Master Plan for overall city improvements

  • Mobility Plan to improve bike/pedestrian/car/bus movement